Environmental Education Social Activities Towards Farmers

CDH Environmental Education For Farmers

Since its creation CDH care about farmers development as long as they are involving in our activities. However in the field of work of environmental education CDH through its active members or volunteering program by work camps organise social activities of raising awareness of the farmers not to use chemical pesticides because-the cost is expensive, because they will harvest chemical food bad for the health, because of the danger it causes for the soils or of the environment, even themselves and advise them to use rationally fertilisers and training them about how to make, their own compost, a good solution that increase productivity, 100% to harvest organic food, no danger for the soil or environment and possibility of diversify agriculture. 

The following images illustrate one of these moments of social action of CDH environmental education activities of farmers awareness over the danger on the use of chemical pesticides. 

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The images show the social activities to raise awareness of farmers on the dangers of using chemical pesticides and counselling them for making their own compost.

  • Farmers, vulnerable householders in different locality have received awareness on chemical pesticides using and training on compost making

  • CDH active members

  • Village leader, the village community for development and the stackholder


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