Estimated Budget

Estimated volunteer budget

In Togo 1€ = 655,957 CFA Francs

Flight: To be seen according to the companies, before it was between 400 and 600/700€ return, today with the health crisis the rates are very very variable.

Advice: make sure to take a ticket with a cancellation and modification option.

CDH Story: One of CDH members meeting story

Covid PCR test on arrival and departure from Lomé airport is: 80 000 FCFA or 121€.


Visa: Upon arrival at the airport 20 € or 10 000 FCFA (15,30€) for one month Visa renewal 10 000 FCFA per month + about 2000 FCFA (visa form and passport photos)

Internet / Phone: Plan to buy a Togolese sim card (1 €) For the internet package, it will depend on your use (plan on about 15/20 € per month). Wifi may be available for free at the volunteer site.


Participation in the volunteer program, learning experience or work camp:

The participation fee is between 600 and 1000 € per month and per person depending on the chosen program (mission/project) learning experience or work camp. The participation fee includes:


-Food during the whole stay will be provided by Centre Des Hommes or the host family (please note that we eat healthy food, 3 meals per day: breakfast, lunch and dinner) except on weekends when we are away (visiting, parties...)


- Lodging during the time in Lomé for the arrival and departure formalities in an accommodation of Centre Des Hommes or a hostel

- Lodging at the mission/project site or at the host family place is including- Water, electricity and internet connection if possible (depends on the mission site).

- Transportation or travelling from the reception and return of the volunteer or the intern at the airport and the site of the volunteering program, learning experience or the work camp.

- Transportation or Travel from the place of accommodation in Lomé to the consulate of his/her country of origin for registration, to the bank for currency exchange, visa service and for other formalities at the beginning of the internship/mission of the volunteer. (Sim card, covid test etc.)

- Transportation to and from Kpalimé or the mission/project site - Administrative expenses (photocopies, documents...), travel expenses for the mission; - Purchase of materials and tools necessary for the mission. The time and energy that you offer in the realization of our projects is even expensive to us just for mentioning it. We are a small organisation and we do not depend on any external financial aid (State, community, town hall...). We set up and implement projects/missions that help and participate in the life of the community around Kpalimé.

This is why we ask for a financial contribution, as Centre Des Hommes cannot cover the full cost of your stay. In the interest of ethics, under no circumstances will these participation fees be used to pay the organisation's volunteers. The participation fees do not include: - The weekends being free, the meals will not be provided by the organisation or the host family; - Personal expenses (purchase of drinks, souvenirs and others); - Personal travel (pleasures and leisure); - Possible medical expenses (need to have a repatriation insurance); - Preparatory expenses for the trip (plane ticket, vaccinations, visa, insurance etc.. Just for security reasons a person of the organisation will accompany you all the time, during the outings/weekends, his travel expenses, food and lodging during these moments will be at your charge (or to be shared between the volunteers and the trainees).

Estimate for your personal expenses (outings during the week-end, souvenirs, telephone, Internet...): from 200 to 350 € per month, depending on your needs (it also depends on what you want to do)! Plan a reservation in case of medical expenses. This estimate is really approximate!


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