Centre Des Hommes Top Management And Staff Members

Team And Members Structure

Centre Des Hommes is composed of members: -founder -active -sympathisers / beneficiary / passive -of honour.

The structure of the organisation: Our organisation structure consists of a board of directors (advisers), executive director, staff members and volunteers.

Business model: Project based business.

Centre Des Hommes team of management is composed of locals and international representatives:

  • The locals team members coordinate all the activities of Centre Des Hommes on site and assist in relationship between its structure and Togo's administration.
  • The international team members are the representatives of Centre Des Hommes who help and collaborate in the development, evolution, implementation and realisation of CDH's projects.


The teams that work hard for the achievement of the objectives and to reach the Centre Des Homme's goals are the local active members of the top management and the active internationals sympathetic members, representative of CDH that belong to the staff management of CDH also. All are working for administrative management, program management, communication and dissemination management.

Senam Koffi Tsogbe

Executive director

Environmentalist, Social enterpreneur and community development leader.

Senam story

Born in Togo, I lived with my parents in village where I have had already the feeling of close contact with nature and community development. After finishing high school I felt interest for visual arts and tropical agriculture then I learned new skill in these fields. I learned how, to make different handicraft including making and playing djembe drum. Later on I started to educate myself in permaculture and became more interested in agriculture in general. I founded Centre Des Hommes for promoting the SDG’s work I became social entrepreneur and I started a project to build an Ecovillage.

Right now I am environmentalist, change maker, social entrepreneur with the all-round holistic approach, promoting the development of village industry, promoting education for the population and committed to work for the achievement of the sustainable development goals.

I have a strong background, skill in sustainable development goal. I received a lot of professional training such as EDE Ecovillage Design Education, PDC Permaculture Design courses, Community transformation leadership, social enterprise business etc. I have been leading different training for life improvement, for promoting the village industry (produce visual arts, transform agricultural food etc.), for compost making, for increasing productivity, for environmental education etc.

However I invite you to give help where it's most needed!

Essinou Yawa Tsogbe

Administrative management and finance assistant for the NGO CDH

Responsible of ECDH social enterpreneurship business

Essinou Story

My name is Essinou, I study in a high school accountability and marketing. I worked in several micro finance agencies in Kpalimé where I am currently living by promoting the marketing service and collecting the savers money for those agencies since 10 years. I have experience in marketing and managing the finances.

Now I’m the commercial agent for one of this institution and at the same time I involve myself as treasurer for the NGO Centre Des Hommes. I am passionate about the Sustainable Development Goals and I have had an opportunity to participate in 2016 at the Global Ecovillage Network Africa conference in Ghana at Techima, Ghana Permaculture Institute throughout the NGO Centre Des Hommes. There in GPI's I learned more about sustainable living and social business about how to produce cosmetic naturally, how to produce mushroom and so one.

I now included all my skills in the gracefulness of the population development. Teaching and promoting social enterprise business to empowered the young girls with early pregnancy to let them make resilience against poverty. I love to travel to learn and to be useful for others. I have a passion for environment and the nature. Thanks

Kossi-Mensah Kplola Yiborcooh

Local coordinator and secretary assistant of the ONG CDH projects

Agricultural Works Engineer Trainer in Agricultural production and Products Packaging for the project Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes.

Matthias story

Born on 14 May 1989, my name is Yiborcooh Kossi-Mensah Kplola. You can call me Matthias. Coming from a modest family of 10 children in Togo, I successfully completed primary, secondary and high school studies. My graduate studies were carried out in the field of agronomic sciences and I am now with a diploma of agricultural engineer.

I joined the community movement through the NGO Centre Des Hommes to enhance my professional skills and general knowledge for the sustainable development of our communities. Within the NGO, I act as programs, projects coordinator and I am responsible of the NGO Centre Des Hommes secretary.

Today, as a main activity, I am working together with other active members of Centre Des Hommes to develop and to realise the project Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes in Togo. I love sharing, everything about the environment, travel and music.

Adélaïde Merle

CDH's project assistant and representative of France

GEN ambassador and certified as GAIA EDucator

Adélaïde story

Adélaïde is a GEN Ambassador, she works as a freelance translator and interpreter in multicultural contexts (like a bilingual EDE in the Gambia in 2019). She has experience in crowdfunding for access to education and she is passionate about language, traveling, systemic design and social weaving.

She is currently co-organising the first EDE in France (2021) and is part of a the core team working on implementing the Pan-African Ecovillage Development Programme (PAEDP) in Africa.

She helps CDH with consultancy on crowdfunding, translation and development strategy.


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