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Centre Des Hommes

Centre Des Hommes is an entrepreneurial, a research and a training Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) from Togo that aims to work for the sustainable development of the populations. We achieve our goals through concrete social actions (raising awareness, training, etc.), throughout volunteering, throughout projects, throughout programs, throughout collaborations and throughout productions that we put in place with a holistic vision.

One of our food product made by Centre Des Hommes community.

Key Words and Sentences



the love of humain being in the world.



Centre Des Hommes is for a better development of the population and their environment!



Project ECDH Slogan: "Atidéka mé wo avé " Only one tree can't make a forest!


Motto is

"Resilience in solidarity, Unity in work and Fair success"


One Value

We are cultivating a world of how to live sustainably.


Wish for

Restoring hope, building dignity


Agree that:

“We can do no great things only small things with great love” MOTHER TERESA



Is to follow the sustainable development goals.


Actually we are in process to raise funds for the Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes project land Water management Step. We need your help to make it happens; We count on your support. Thank You.

This campaign is done to raise funds in order to achieve a very important step for the continuity of the Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes project realisation. We are collecting a funds to do the water management on the project land. The goal to reach is 5000 Euro which is need to do the water management about the rains water that fall on the land and the river water that flow on low side of the land which present a slopes in places. The land has slopes so it is necessary to manage the rainwater that flows from the top of the land to the river at the bottom of the land.

Because by gravity rainwater flows from the top of a slope to the bottom of a slope and when it rains the rainwater flowing downwards damages our already cultivated crops, our already planted plants and this constitutes a threat for everything that is implemented on the land without the management of rainwater especially. By doing this rainwater management we will be safe to build eco-housing and protect our crops and plantations. Because we have funding constraint, we invite you to care about the project, to support us to make the project happens and to help youth to grow sustainably in Togo.

Make a donation to make the water management of the project ECDH happened

About Us

We lead through the ONG Centre Des Hommes the projects in the area of Education, Ecology, Economy, Tourism, Health, Social Entrepreneurship, Culture and Arts to contribute for the development of the population mostly local one's.


Our projects are realised by volunteering program, through social action of raising awareness and throughout the services offered. We also make a research to make a good production of our products. We do projects for the collaboration with other entities (organisations, associations etc.) that share the same interests with us..


Volunteering program belong to our strategies that we use for achieving our goal. After the lunch of the project in volunteering fields, local volunteer and volunteer come outside from Togo subscribe to join the program.

Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes

We are currently building an intentional ecological village named Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes (ECDH) a learning, living and training center for human development, for cultural immersion to increase sustainable education and to decrease poverty. It is ongoing project whose several steps need to be done before its final realisation. The actual steps is the water management of the project land ECDH.

Social Action Towards Schoolchildren

We use through the elements of permaculture concepts and sustainable development goals to change the mindsets and lives of children about how to protect the environment. Specially through Environmental Education We teach them how to plant tree, to manage, to sort and to recycle waste. The plants we plant with them are useful to them in the way that they will be able to use them in case they are hungry or in case they have fever.

Social Action Towards Farmers

Through permaculture principles we train farmers by raising awareness about the dangerous use of chemical pesticides and learn them the alternative of making and using composts for a best output (Field Environmental Education). Making compost rather than buy chemical pesticide give an efficiency and is a best practice for the environment protection. This social action of raising awareness help farmers to change their mindsets.


Project Peanut snack Tea Products Essential Oil Handicrafts

Centre Des Hommes to be financial independent and to have a sustainable economy from its economic model agenda, produce a range of products divided in different category which are the following: The category of food which including snacks, butter (paste), tropical plants with high nutrient elements powder, tea bag or herbal tea and coffee products. The category of oil consuming oil and essential oil products. The category of natural cosmetic products made out from tropical plants with high nutrient elements that make the body skin and hair healthy. The category of Exotic Handicraft made out of African woods and fabrics products.


In Centre Des Hommes we made a production of a range of products in different area. We grow food and produce arts. We make Transformation, We do production of food, of food supplement, of natural cosmetic including plant, of handcrafts out from wood, leather, ceramic etc. We Recycle plastic waste to finished good. Out of Educative production we give training for best practice, for good outcome of how to do permaculture and how to do business. The idea behind is to be financial independent, to be sustain in our self investment and make fair share.

Engage with Us

You can engage to Co create with us and to help us to make a difference. Simply become volunteer, Share our projects, Shop our products, Partner with us, Make a donation. You can become partner with us to enhance our social business enterprise in order to improve the lifestyle of locals producers as farmers, artistes, girls in early pregnancy who processes some of our products but they are used as employee to have income or wage for their own support (Note that we also give free knowledge or skill to these girls on how to make their own products to become more independent.). So you can become our partner to make a social business or make fair trade with us.

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