Past Projects

Our past projects are the news of realised projects which are application of a call of projects, grants proposal, projects that represent Centre Des Hommes well in Togo etc.

News: GEN Africa Awards

GEN Africa is announced to its members and community of which Centre Des Hommes is part that, They will be supporting sustainable development projects and solutions in Africa through the GEN Africa Awards.

GEN Twin Project Call

Twinning project is GEN call of project For Ecovillages, Eco-projects, regional and national Ecovillage networks to twin one project of global south that match with one another project of global north. To bring out a collaboration between one and other projects from both sides.

Permaculture Magazine Prize

The Permaculture Magazine Prize, launched in 2018, celebrates activists and permaculture practitioners around the world who are transforming communities and landscapes with climate change solutions and regenerative agriculture. The Permaculture Magazine Prize aims to help projects that are transforming their communities and regenerating habitats and support young innovators worldwide.

Hildur Jackson Prize

Hildur Jackson Award makes a call of project with €3,000 annual prize supports and honours projects around the world that demonstrate regenerative best-practices in all dimensions of sustainability.

Good Deeds Day

Centre Des Hommes started since 2017 to get involved in the program of Good Deeds Day organisation. The program consists of taking a day to do good deeds for the benefit of others. Centre Des Hommes put on the line his project raising awareness of schoolchildren and farmers in the field of environmental education. Then each year we maximise the raising of awareness to school children and farmers in regards to environmental education in different locality of the country.

Activities/Project That Represent Well Centre Des Hommes

These are projects that represent well Centre Des Hommes in Togo. The activities that present how we use permaculture to change lives of people, of farmers, groups of women farmers and local householders in their villages and communities.


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