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The coordinator and one of the farmers groups who till and clean seasonally.

Centre des Hommes

Centre des Hommes is an entrepreneurial, a research and a training Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) from Togo that aims to work for the sustainable development of its people.


CDH works for the benefit of residents by fighting unemployment, hunger and poverty, and promotes vocational training education that can enable them to generate income.


We achieve our goals through concrete social actions such as raising awareness and training, and through volunteering, projects, programs, collaborations, and products, as part of our holistic vision.

Centre des Hommes

In a nutshell,

The NGO Centre des Hommes (CDH) was set up to support local community development, mainly in village areas. In its activities, CDH takes into account the principles of sustainable development and their implementation by contributing to the improvement of the living conditions of the local community, poverty reduction, knowledge and awareness-raising in various fields such as the environment, education, social entrepreneurship, healthy and sustainable lifestyles, the cultivation of medicinal plants and their use in the treatment of various diseases such as malaria, etc.

CDH is a non-governmental organisation that promotes the development of the local community.

CDH's ongoing project in the village of Kpime-Seva in Togo is the establishment of an eco-village, involving community members, which will also serve as a learning center, where knowledge will be imparted, especially to local children, women, farmers and artists, on how to improve local livelihoods, self-sufficiency through farming, handicrafts and other activities.


One of our food products made by Centre des Hommes community.

Key Words and Sentences



the love of human beings throughout the world.



Centre des Hommes aims for the better development of the population and their environment!


ECDH slogan

"Atidéka mé wo avé " Only one tree does not make a forest!



"Resilience through solidarity, unity in work and equality in delivery."


Key value

we are cultivating a world that lives sustainably.


Wish is

to restore hope, increase people’s dignity.


Agrees with Mother Teresa that:

“We Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.


Key principle

sustainable development.

Donation for currently project

We are currently in the process of raising funds for the Ecovillage Centre des Hommes water management project.  We need your help to make it happen.

    River flows          Beginning of bridge canopy

We are raising funds to improve water management on the project’s land.  5,000 euros are needed to manage the rainwater on the sloping site, which causes excessive run-off and soil erosion.  This damages the crops we are cultivating there.  The success of the wider project for sustainable development now depends on rainwater management.  Our funds and local people’s resources are limited, so we invite you to support the project, and to help the youth of Togo to grow sustainably.   

We hope that we can count on your generosity. Your donation is welcome through PayPal. Thank you!


More information about Ecovillage Centre des Hommes project

Watch the video related to the project we carried out in collaboration with La Bolina supported by the GEN Twin project.

Watch a part of the project land to know how it's looked like.

Interactions with the local communities

About Us

We lead through the ONG Centre des Hommes projects in education, ecology, economy, tourism, health, social entrepreneurship, culture and the arts to contribute to the development of the local population.


Our projects are multiple and realised by volunteering programs, through awareness raising, training and through the services we offer. We also do research to ensure high standards in our products. We also collaborate with other organisations that share our aims.


Volunteering programs are central to our work.  After the launch of the project, social networking lead to local and international volunteers joining the programs. They gather together to work for the benefit of poor local residents including schoolchildren, farmers and artists. You are welcome to volunteer with us. It can be a life changing experience!

Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes

We are currently building an sustainable village named Ecovillage Centre des Hommes (ECDH) a learning, residential and training center for human development and cultural immersion, offering sustainable education, increased employment and a reduction in poverty. It is an ongoing project with further stages before completion, including the current water management plan.

Social Action With Schoolchildren

We use permaculture concepts, environmental education and sustainable development goals to change the mindsets and lives of children. We teach them how to plant trees, and to manage, sort and recycle waste. They learn how plants can sustain them when hungry or be used as a remedy for fevers.

Social Action With Farmers

Through permaculture principles we train farmers by about the dangerous use of chemical pesticides, and teach them the alternative of making effective composts. Farmers discover how compost creation is more effective than applying pesticides.


Project Peanut snack Tea Products Essential Oil Handicrafts

In order for Centre des Hommes to be financially sustainable, it produces a range of products including food, such as snacks, butter paste, high-nutrient powder and teas and coffees, cooking and essential oils, and natural cosmetic products for skin and hair.  Plus exotic handicrafts made from African wood, and fabric products.


In Centre des Hommes our product range is wide, from food to the performing arts which represents Africa. We transform raw materials including plants, wood, leather, ceramic and recycled plastic waste. We train our producers in best production practice and business methods. We aim to be financially independent, self-sustaining through re-investment, and share receipts equably. Let's co-create with us.

Engage with Us

You can help us to make a difference. Become a volunteer, share awareness of our projects, buy our products, partner with us, or simply make a donation. You can become a partner with us by helping to improve the quality of life of locals producers such as farmers, artists, and expectant girls who process some of our products.  The girls thus have an income as well as gaining skills and knowledge, enabling them to become more independent.  So you can become our partner to make our social business fruitful and fair trade successful.  Win-win, you and us.

All e-mails from us will be sent to the e-mail address you provide, which will not be made public and will only be used to receive agreed news and information.

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