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Just fill out this form below if you are interested in this community transformation program or project work camp for the benefit of the population, for the preservation of the environment and biodiversity.

NB: Please read our project carefully before you decide to join us. Before you decide the work we need you as a volunteer to come to do in our project know that your travel into our project has a purpose to learn, to assist and to discover our country Togo always green in any season. After reading choose the project that interests you, write to inform us about your choice concerning your time plan to stay with us. In any of our projects or programs set up on the ground, be sure and assured that you are always accompanied by local volunteer experts in any content for each project to assist you.

We are CENTRE DES HOMMES (CDH) Non Governmental Organisation based in Togo, West Africa working for the sustainable development of the population through our different strategies (means of realisations) to achieve our goals which, one important of them is volunteering. We are looking for international volunteers willing, to provide consciousness, support and assistance and to bring competencies and help to the most vulnerable populations throughout a collective participation project or program in the work field of Education – Ecology – Agriculture - Environment - Cultural and Social Enterprise business.

Volunteers are needed for short and long term stays to provide consciousness support, assistance, competencies and help to local communities in need after our CDH team assessment.

The costs of the volunteers do not include the cost of the plane ticket, nor the subsistence costs of the visiting volunteer, nor the costs of visa or its renewal, or the additional costs for personal outing or partying, nor additional artistic workshops during the program or work camp project.

Before you decide which project or program to purchase about the participation fees, please consider that the program or project Work Camp of the NGO CENTRE DES HOMMES is not a source of profit. It's a part of our mission to connect people from all over the four corners of life and with breakthrough ideas that can positively transform the world. The participation fees are used to finance a great part of the project or the program equipment, catering – accommodation and the management of the specific project or the program.

The volunteers are welcomed at Lomé airport and the CENTRE DES HOMMES proposes to intervene if the volunteers must have their visa on the spot of the airport.

The volunteers will be taken to the site of the project and program after all formality of visas and identification of identity for the security of all volunteers.

Application Form

Welcome to the page of the registration form for the program or project work camps of Centre Des Hommes (CDH) an NGO officially recognised in Togo West Africa.

Any volunteers who will come to our project or program must receive an invitation letter which will be signed by the Executive Director of CDH. This invitation letter contains the reason for the travel, the duration and so one. In addition, of the invitation letter some other documents can be sent to the volunteer or can be required from the volunteer as proof and evidence to enter the country. We invite you to contact us and make sure that you hold the necessary documentation before you take off from your country to Togo. You can also double check the possible Mission/Projects available and choose the one you would like to attend in the form below.

First Name
Last Name
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Your Nationality
Residence Address
Country Of Residence
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Tell Us About Your Value, Vision, Mission, and Objective towards the world?
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Select Your Volunteer Program (Mission/Project), Learning Experience Trip And Work Camp
What Is Your Expectation For This Choice?
Select Two Others Volunteer Program (Mission/Project) In Case Your Choice Is Not Available Anymore
Have you ever received any sustainable training?
If yes tell about what, how and where was it? if no, write N/A.
Why would you want to do the volunteering?
Tell to Us If you are looking for something special in Africa?
Are you vegetarian?
Tell Us if you have any allergy regarding your health and food?
Write down the informations about the person to contact in case of any accident or any problem happen to you?
Do you have your own project? If yes what does it talk about? iF not write N/A
Do you have any complementary or suggestion to give for our projects issued?
When do you want to arrive?
How long days would like to stay and to do the program (mission/project), the learning experience trip, work camp with Us?
How many volunteers are you (Including yourself)?


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