Participation information

Please read our project information and rules carefully before you decide to join us.

Before you decide to participate as a volunteer, you can be assured of the value of learning about, helping and discovering Togo, the country that is green in any season.  Choose the project that interests you, tell us about your choice and your likely time plan to be with us. You can be sure you will be always accompanied by local volunteer experts.  If you do not speak French, the official language of Togo, do not worry, we have experts in our team who will assist you in understanding, and are ready to translate French into your language.

Once again, remember that Centre des Hommes is a not-for-profit organisation, and the participation fees are used to finance a great part of the project equipment, catering, accommodation and management.

Volunteering possible for individuals, couples?, families with children, and groups.

Participation costs

The total cost for short stays of four weeks is up to US$1000 or €850.  It’s part of our mission to connect people from all over the world and from different backgrounds who believe in sharing new ideas to transform the world.  We endeavour to set the cost to enable participation by people of varied financial and social circumstances.

When you pay, you are helping someone with more limited funds to join in a CDH project work camp.  Registration fees partly allow us to cover the expenses of local Togolese participants and open the experience to them.  For many in our local community, the program is even more life-changing than for our foreign volunteers.

Participation fee spending breakdown

  • Food 40%
  • Accommodation 15%
  • CDH operation 15%
  • Project equipment 15%
  • Project management 10%
  • Donations to projects 5%


Our accommodation for volunteers is in private homes, volunteer houses and even tents.  We do not offer the kind of full comfort you may be familiar with at your home. You may be in a concrete building such as our volunteer houses. You may be hosted by families in their homes, arranged and monitored by CDH.  Sometimes ECDH projects in a mountain and river area mean that volunteers bring their own tents, as there no actual house.


We offer typical African foods which are often similar to ingredients in your home country.  Food is always healthy and can be with or without meat, and include tubers, cereals, flours, green sauces, etc.  The meals are breakfast, lunch and dinner, three meals a day for each volunteer.  The volunteer will be asked to let us know any particular choices and food allergies in advance.