Informations related to Participation fees

Please read our project carefully before you decided to join us.

Before you decided the work that we need you as volunteer to come to do in our volunteer program know that your travel into our project has a great sens, a purpose to learn, to assist and to discover our country Togo always green in any season. After reading, choose the project that interest you, write to inform us about your choice taking into account your time plan to stay with us. In everyone of our project or program set up on the ground be sure and assured that you will be always accompanied by local volunteer experts in any content for each project to assist you. Considering that you do not speak French which is the official language in Togo do not worry, we also have experts in our team who will assist you in understanding and are ready to translate French into your original language.

Once again, before you decided which project or program to purchase as the participation fees, please consider that the program or project Work Camp or learning experience of the NGO CENTRE DES HOMMES is not a source of profit. It’s make a part of our mission to connect people from all over the four corners of life and with breakthrough ideas that can positively transform the world. The participation fees are used to finance a great part of the project or the program equipment, catering – accommodation and the management of the specific project or the program.

Volunteering with us is suitable for Individuals Family with Kids and Groups

The Costs

Helps us by participating in our volunteering program with a participation fees

The total cost for short stays of three weeks of each project or program is up to $1000 USD OR 850 EURO. Before you decide which project or program to purchase about the participation fees, please consider that the program or project Work Camp of the NGO CENTRE DES HOMMES is not a source of profit. It’s made a part of our mission to connect people from all over the four corners of life and with breakthrough ideas that can positively transform the world. If we were to charge what it costs, we would have a price greater than or equal to $1000 USD or 850 EURO to balance expenses and investment costs before and after each project and program. But we do not charge according to that case. We charge so that those who have more means can support the others who are in the need in the spirit of fair- share.
When you pay First of all you make it possible for someone who shares your commitment, but has more limited funds to join in this project work camp of CDH. Your payment also is used to buy the necessary of the program or project work camp due to the fact that we do not receive any funds from anyone. Registration fees, in part, allow covering the expenses of local participants in order to participate in a program they would otherwise never be able to experience. For many of our members of the local community, the program is even more life changing for our foreign volunteers.
The participation fees serve and are used to:
- Offer the meals of the day for each volunteers present in the project work camp (All foods: three meals a day with breakfast, tea produced by the CDH, lunch and with a full ration for dinner)
- Take charge of the volunteer’s accommodation during the volunteer's stay of 21 days. - Pay for the materials required for education and construction
- Invest in cultural immersion activities, excursions for the volunteer visiting the CDH program or work camp project and for the local guide!
- Invest in school activities for the volunteer as an educator!
- Pay for awareness and training materials on different themes such as environmental education for school children; the use of chemical fertilisers or pesticides to the soil for local residents or village producers etc.
- Support first day of arrival in the country.

The use of the cost in pourcentage

Volunteering program Cost used planning grouped in percentage by CENTRE DES HOMMES while the project or the program happens.


.Restoration is 40%

.Accommodation is 15%

.Operation of the NGO CDH is 15%

. Project or Program management is 10%

.Donations for projects is 05%

. Project or Program equipment is 15%

* Restoration comes down to the ration with well eating (breakfast, lunch, dinner) of volunteers on the site during their entire stay. The volunteers are welcomed at Lomé airport and the CENTRE DES HOMMES proposes to intervene if the volunteers must have their visa on the spot of the airport. The volunteers will be taken to the site of the project and program after all formality of visas and identification of identity for the security of all volunteers.

More information

The costs of the volunteers do not include the cost of the plane ticket, nor the subsistence costs of the visiting volunteer, nor the costs of visa or its renewal, or the additional costs for personal outing or partying, nor additional artistic workshops during the program or work camp project. Do not forget to inform us of your arrival time by sending us your reservation with the dates and exact time so that we can pick you up at the airport or at the land border of Togo. Make a donation to the Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes ECDH to support us in our work and social activities.

What we Provide
Homestay, Volunteer House, Other
We have a pleasure to inform you that in our volunteering program in Togo, Africa we do not offer any accommodation with full comfort as you usually have at your place. Our accommodation rooms, most of the time built with concrete like a volunteer house (the place where all the volunteers are). The accommodation can be also Homestay where the volunteer can be hosted by families in their house, but in the responsibility of our Organisation CDH. Often in the ECDH project volunteer are invited to bring their owns tents to sleep as that project place is in mountain and river area with no concrete house.
Variety Vegetarian Vegan
The meals we offer are typical African foods whose most of the ingredients are similar to those from your home country. We make food most of the time with or without meat. We cook and eat food out from tubers, cereals, flours, different green sauces, etc. Always we eat healthy food. The food ration consists of breakfast; lunch and dinner, 3 meals a day for each volunteer. The volunteer has the right to give us their choice and food allergy in advance.


1- School Support, Literacy and Children's Leisure (Fields Education)

2- Renovation or construction of school classrooms for villages suffering from school infrastructure (Fields Education)

3- Reforestation, vegetable garden for one village school yards and planting of useful trees in different schools (Fields Environment)

4- Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes project land building (Construction of an ecological village in fields of Sustainable development)

5- Raising awareness of recurrent diseases such as Malaria, HIV / AIDS, Cancer and Covid-19 for local vulnerable households in one village.

6- Special cultural and artistic solidarity work camps organised in the intention to promote the arts and cultures of Togo through different workshops for a short duration of three weeks. This project work camp is oriented towards participants who are volunteer coming outside from Togo for cultural and artistic solidarity work camps. (This is done specially throughout volunteering program project in the filed of Arts and Culture).

7- Community transformation by implementing and installing play-ground for children in on village public space.