CDHs projects derive from its various fields of work, such as ecology (environment, agriculture, climate change and soil), culture (the arts, dance, cuisine, Togolese language), education and social entrepreneurship.

CDH projects are distributed into different categories:

  • Currently or ongoing projects are those we have started and on which we are working to completion.
  • Implemented projects that we have set up and we do regularly. These include: tourism service projects, the activities we do and currently volunteering project program. 
  • Forthcoming or coming projects are those that are already designed and for which we are seeking funds. these include upcoming volunteer project.
  • Past projects. These include past news, past activities and past volunteering.

Our Projects.

Ongoing or currently projects

Past projects

Projects strategies

Project strategies is how we achieve our project, social action and business objectives.

1- Centre des Hommes team members and volunteers raise awareness and train through social action and work camps:

  • - Raising awareness and training of local farmers the rational use of pesticides and the alternative of composting to increase productivity and produce organic food.  Learn more about CDH activities for farmers. 


  • - Teaching environmental principles to schoolchildren about waste management and tree-planting.  Learn more about CDH environmental education for schoolchildren.


  • - Raising awareness of recurrent diseases such as malaria, HIV / AIDS, cancer etc. among vulnerable households. This is primarily carried out through the volunteering program.  Raise awareness on recurring themes in social and health fields.


  • - Work camp school tutoring, literacy and leisure activities for schoolchildren, especially through the volunteering program.  Project about school support, tutoring, literacy and leisure activity of schoolchildren.


  • - Work camps renovation of school classrooms in rural villages, especially through the volunteering program.  Renovation of rural school classroom and building.


  • - Reforestation and creation of school yard vegetable gardens, especially through the volunteering program.


  • - Work camps organisation to promote the arts and culture of Togo through three-week workshops, especially through the volunteering program with participants from outside Togo.

2- CDH team members, farmers and artist cooperatives to produce natural foods, snacks, teas, oils and handicraft products for global distribution. Click on Shop to visit our products.  link needed

3- CDH to build an ecological village, Ecovillage Centre des Hommes (ECDH), a sustainable development demonstration centre.  ECDH will be an autonomous