Call of proposal

The call of proposal is meant to call people with good willingness to be part of Centre des Hommes community as an ambassador or representative.

For this Centre des Hommes direction will need the person to commit as a volunteer and to give the following informations:
- A short biography of the person. Include the achievements you have accomplished in life so far and put your vision, goal and project for humans and the earth to make a difference.                                                                                                                                      - A photo of you to put as your profile picture
- A CV



Be 21 years old or older. Have knowledge in sustainable development or permaculture, generative agriculture or all kind of social development.

Important note:

Your volunteer job will be very flexible, you will bring your knowledge to the development of the Centre des Hommes community. You will be the representative of Centre des Hommes in your country. You will be assigned with no duty. You will only have to talk of the opportunity to visit Togo that Centre des Hommes offers when you have the occasion to the people, lovers of nature, travelers, volunteers. From time to time you will be asked to participate in vision-conference meetings solely for the development of Centre des Hommes.
This way you will have advantages to learn about Centre des Hommes team, community, projects and also likewise for traveling to Togo where the community is located you will only have to pay half the costs of volunteer participation fees and you will be accommodated for free.
By contacting us you will find options in the contact form subject and you will have to select among the selection topic, call of proposal.

If you think you can help us and you think this information is suitable for you then we invite you to apply! After studying your application we will contact you.