Environmental education social activity with schoolchildren

The facts and problems

The problem of pollution by waste, especially plastics which break down only very slowly over time, has been around for over and hundred years.  People have not been aware of the harm and danger of thoughtlessly throwing plastics and other waste away.  Nowadays the result can be seen everywhere causing multiple problems.  CDH seeks to take action against the situation, to make people more willing to take concrete action on the environment, aimed at reeducating adults and children on environmental issues around waste and tree-planting

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More Informations

Centre des Hommes’ awareness program for children on the environment seeks to inculcate from an early age as infants that throwing plastic on the ground is harmful for not only themselves but for the ecosystem in general.  It can lead to danger not only for humans but all other species.  It awakens consciousness of how they must manage organic and inorganic wastes to serve other useful ends for man and the environment.  We show how waste products can be used to build a simple shelter or make artistic artefacts.  Related to this, CDH teams teach about the use of planting useful and fast-growing trees that can heal sickness and ease hunger.

These pictures below show our Environmental Education program.

YOU are welcome to Donate for the good cause!

CDH Environmental Education Realisations To Several Schoolchildren in basic school

  • Environmental Education of collecting plastic waste. The idea behind after the course of environmental education is to raise awareness towards schoolchildren not to throw plastic waste on the ground and we invite them or people who live in the villages to know how to sort waste, to collect plastic bottles and bags and after that we made one experience of how to recycle plastic waste to build shelter for example, also we teach them how to use the plastic waste into another finished goods arts through a workshop.

  • Environmental education on planting useful trees. The idea behind is to teach schoolchildren from early age how to plant tree after raising their awareness on the benefit of trees planting. The idea also is not just to plant tree but to plant tree that can be more useful for them and can grow fast for harvesting so that they can use them in case their are sick or hungry. We plant with them medicinal plants and plants that give fruit to eat.