Send Equipments

Send equipments is request we make to you (our, followers, supporters, Volunteers and you who love our work) to help us with equipments in order to collect the necessary tools and materials that we need and can help us in our work.


Materials and tools

We need materials and tools to reinforce the feasibility of our activities, constructions and productions. These materials and tools will help craftsmen, farmers, labourers, students, schoolchildren and so on to improve their work.

We are happy to receive these materials and tools which can be even second hand or new.

You can send us tools as well as materials following:

School articles and items, IT materials and its accessories (computer, laptop etc), carpenter's, woodworkers' tools (drills, chainsaws etc.), bricklayers' tools and materials, sculptor tools etc.

We also need machines to add value to our productions.


-For sewing

-For embroidery

-For sealing plastics; packaging

-To pack the products in plastics

-To make labels for the products if needed

-To distill essential oils

-To grind dry leaves

-To grind agricultural products


If you have possibility to help us and wanted to send us equipments we ask you please to Contact us and write for subject '' send equipment''. Then we will answer you and together we figure out how we can receive your offer. Thank you a lot.