Sending equipment

Materials and tools

We need tools, equipment and other materials to reinforce our activities, to help our craftsmen, farmers, labourers, students, schoolchildren and others to improve their work and lives.

We are happy to receive these materials and tools which can be even be second-hand in good condition or new.  They can include:

- School articles and items, IT materials and accessories, carpenter’s and woodworkers' tools (drills, chainsaws etc.), bricklayers' tools and materials, sculptor tools etc.

We also need machines for our produce for:      

- sewing

       - embroidery

                                        - sealing plastics and packaging

                                  - packing products in plastic

          - making labels

                         - distilling essential oils

                                                                               - grinding dry leaves and other agricultural products. 

If you able to help us with equipment please Contact us, headed ‘send equipment. We will answer, and together we will figure out how we can receive your offer.  Thank you very much.