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CDH launches a project to help, support, provide skills for a village in need or suffering from ailments that reveal a specific theme (after having made an assessment of the problem or ailments suffered by the village in question) and invites people of good willingness, people who would like to help others (who are in suffering), to come and work together by bringing ideas, competencies, financial and technical means to realise and to accomplish the project (launched) for the benefit of this village in question.

This is how CDH had organised a volunteering program which received volunteers of good character, morality, in good physical condition from around the world who joined the local volunteer on the spot, and contributed together to the development of local populations in order to make local people happy. This is how volunteers have brought their knowledge, expertise to local people and they have returned to their country of origin with a lot of smiles and wealth (because they must also have learned with the locals they have visited).

How to get involved?

Get in touch with volunteering programs opportunities and make your decision to visit us!

What is volunteering program with CDH?

Volunteering with CDH is a commitment between us and a person who wish to become volunteer with its own willingness in Togo. It is an act of exchange of knowledge, learning from each others and cultural exchange between each country. It is done by own will and is different from unpaid work. Volunteering with CDH has a formal character and has a determined time.

Through this international experience, the volunteer of CDH will learn about the cultures and traditions of the local people. In general, participating in a volunteering program with CDH allows the volunteer to learn in an informal way about himself, about his personal skills and about the external world.

As a volunteer, you will be confronted with a radically different way of life from what you are used to, as there is no comfort, no easy life, but you will be comfortable, happy and eat healthy.

When you choose to participate in a volunteer programme at CDH there is a participation fee which includes project management as we do not receive any funding from anyone to do and implement our projects for the benefit of the needy. Apart from the participation fee, there are other optional costs that can be added. Travelling expenses from your country to Togo, expenses related to other administrative procedures (vaccinations, visa, passport and others) before arriving in Togo are at the expense of the volunteer.

CDH Volunteering program mission?

The mission of the volunteering program of Centre Des Hommes is addressed to all people of good character, good physical condition, without any skills required in advance, without any distinction of sex, race and nationality. It takes place in the Plateaux region, especially in Kpalimé and its surrounding villages, and in other regions of Togo.

The volunteer programmes are organised through field camp missions, practical training and encounter workshops. Our interventions go directly to the benefit of the local population according to their needs. It should be noted that the ways of working, the living conditions and the methods used in global south are different from those used in global north. It is therefore up to the volunteer to adapt to the local situation, the pace of life, the customs and traditions of the local people. Volunteering with the Centre Des Hommes is therefore a departure from home for a life changing experience as it is not a tourist visit but rather a common sense learning journey.

Volunteering with CDH is not quite a humanitarian mission in the more common sense of the word. It is more like leaving home with a skill, with the idea of going and doing something, with the intention of dealing with the local situation, of discovering and understanding a different way of life. This approach to working with the locals is important and the volunteer can see that it is distinct from the methods and approach that no one can have in the country.


Volunteering Program

The Steps To Take To Reach Up to CDH Mission/Project (For the Volunteers).

I - I UNDERSTAND The Meaning Of Centre Des Hommes Volunteering program And How To Get Involved. I'm up for it Then I am Going

II - TO LOOK FOR The Right Mission Of The Volunteering program Which Will Be For The Local Community Profit. Then I Go

III - To Select The Mission/Project That Suits For Me And I Add Unless Two others From My Preference In Case The First One Is No Longer Available. Then I Go

IV - To Communicate With CDH Via E-mail Or To Any Form Of Their Contact. Then I Will Go

V - To prepare Myself By Participating In A Visio-Conference With CDH To Confirm My Mission/Project and Possible Questions. The Next Is

VI - To Validate My Participation To The Mission/Project And I Sign An Volunteering Agreement With CDH And I received A Letter Of Invitation. Then I Go

VII - To Organise Myself For My Trip, My Flight, My Insurance Once My Place Is Confirmed For The Project I chose. Then I Go

VIII - To Participate To The Mission/Project With CDH And Local Community For A Solidarity Adventure. Then I Have

IX - To arrive On Time To The Volunteering Program Place And To Meet The CDH Community's And Other Participants. Then I Have Right

X - To Take Profit At The Maximum Of The Experience I Am Going Through. Then I Have

XI - To Engage Myself To Enhance And To Evaluate My Experience At The End Of My Mission By Making Reviews And Testimony. Then

XII - I Share My Experience To The World To Make CDH Work More Visible.


1- School Support, Literacy and Children's Leisure (Fields Education)

2- Renovation or construction of school classrooms for villages suffering from school infrastructure (Fields Education)

3- Reforestation, vegetable garden for one village school yards and planting of useful trees in different schools (Fields Environment)

4- Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes project land building (Construction of an ecological village in fields of Sustainable development)

5- Raising awareness of recurrent diseases such as Malaria, HIV / AIDS, Cancer and Covid-19 for local vulnerable households in one village.

6- Special cultural and artistic solidarity work camps organised in the intention to promote the arts and cultures of Togo through different workshops for a short duration of three weeks. This project work camp is oriented towards participants who are volunteer coming outside from Togo for cultural and artistic solidarity work camps. (This is done specially throughout volunteering program project in the filed of Arts and Culture).

7- Community transformation by implementing and installing play-ground for children in on village public space.


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