Our partners are all entities or individuals who do activities with us, who support us, who buy our products, who provide us with technical support, who train our members by strengthening their capacities, who follow us and share our projects, all people who intervene in our volunteering programs, who cooperate with us (farmers and artists corporations), in short all those entities, structures or individuals who intervene on both sides in the development of Centre Des Hommes  etc.


Become a partner of Centre Des Hommes is to help us to make a difference. Centre Des Hommes does more because of its partnership with others. We carry out well our projects through partnership to improve  and positively impact the lives of others. Therefore we are incredibly proud of the progress made everyday.


NGO Centre Des Hommes is member of Global Ecovillage Network GEN and collaborative partner with local chieftaincy, municipalities and the Ministry of Territory Administration, Decentralisation and Local Collectivities. Department of Civil Organisation and Association and Ministry for Planning, Development and Area Equipment by the Presidency of the Republic Acknowledgement;  Republic of Togo.

We have also cooperated with other NGO's. Currently CDH is engaged in a twin project with a Spanish NGO La Bolina.

Institut Elo's Foundation, have contributed for the project ECDH design and CDH member received knowledge an skills of Oasis game for community transformation. 

Local Artist and farmers corporation play a big role in the development of Centre Des Hommes. 

GivingWay is currently host the sending of volunteers and a donation to Centre Des Hommes and its project Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes. Donate to ECDH.