About Us

Our History

The history of Centre des Hommes was started in 2000 by a visionary man who gathered people together for a good cause in his hometown of Kpalimé.  Young people wanted to change about the circumstances of their life.  The visionary decided first to change himself by going abroad to learn new skills and knowledge.  He then returned to share what he had learned with his community, built around the young living sustainably. The Centre des Hommes was founded by him, and since 2007 it has been devoted to working on the ground for the local people and their needs. A training center is about to be built to showcase all kinds of sustainable life processes with practical demonstrations.

Who We Are

Centre des Hommes (CDH) is a non-governmental organisation founded in Togo, West Africa. CDH assembles a mix of businesses, farmers, artists, and local and international volunteers. We are entrepreneurs, change-makers, environmentalists, permaculturists and community development leaders, willing to work for sustainable development.

Our Vision

Our vision is to work for the well-being and development of the local citizens in their social, cultural, economic and educational life. Also to ensure the good health of the environment and humanity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce poverty and increase sustainability, and create a better world in which we will locally be a catalyst, healer and facilitator.

Our Values

Our values are realised by ensuring every project, activity, program, product and action is well thought through, moral, holistic and directed at the target population.


Our objectives are centred on :

- education (raising awareness, sharing knowledge, training etc.)
- ecology (environment, renewable energy, climate change etc.)
- economy (business development, agriculture, production, social entrepreneurship, village industry) - health (raising awareness about recurrent disease, backing-up health services)
- tourism (Local tours, responsible tourism etc.)
- social and culture (employment, craft, language, food etc.).


The strategies we put in place enable us to reach our objectives and to achieve our goal. These strategies go directly to the means we use for the realisation of our Objectives.

What We Do

The actions that we put in place go towards the development of the population as this is the main goal of Centre Des Hommes. We train people, educate, raise awareness, we have volunteering programs, provide tourism services, produce and transform goods that we sell worldwide such as snacks, oil for consumption, essential oil, dried leaves tea, herbal tea, natural cosmetics with tropical plants and the design of exotic handcrafts. We undertake and research to have a good production.