About Us

Our History

The history about Centre Des Hommes had started by the strategic visionary man who have the ability to gather people together for good cause. In the years 2000, in his hometown Kpalimé where young people wanted some change about their life condition, where young people want to see things differently by the fact that life condition is always difficult for them, the visionary decided to change himself by going abroad to learn new skill, professional training, new learning, new apprenticeship in order to become hope of happiness for the youth of his community. He was then brought to strengthen the knowledge and gain new skills outside from Togo in different country to return back, to share what he have learned to his own community how the youngest people can grow sustainably. After the skills gain he did not stay where ever he travel to for learning because the change of his local community is important for him so that the youth of his community know also how they can live sustainable life. The Centre Des Hommes was created or founded then by him the leader and have started since 2007 to put lot of action in the ground for the favour of the population affected by a need. Since then Centre Des Hommes devoted to work for the population development. Currently a training center is about to be built to showcase all the sustainable life process and demonstration. 

Who We Are


Centre Des Hommes aims to work for the development of the population.

Centre Des Hommes has an unlimited duration of life.

Its motto is "Resilience in solidarity, Unity in work and Fair success"

Slogan: Centre Des Hommes for a better development of the population and their environment. 

Centre Des Hommes is recognised in Togo by:

Ministry of territory administration, Decentralisation and local collectivities. Department of civil organisation and association AND Ministry for planning, Development and Area Equipment by the presidency of the republic Acknowledgement Testimonial As A Development NGO.

Republic of Togo


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Is to help for change, to make resilience and to create a better world by seeing the balance between the rural and urbain world and by being one of the enabler.

Our mission towards farmers, vulnerable stakeholders, rural women, artists,designers and schoolchildren is to help them feel safe by providing support in various educational fields and social entrepreneurship.

Centre Des Hommes works with farmers and artists cooperatives to produce agricultural and handicraft designs that will bring them a source income and improve their lifestyle. Through the activities we offer them and the income they generate, they can take care of their family. Farmers grow food and artists create works of arts from wood, fabric, leather, ceramic etc.


CDH's vision is a world where we take care of the sustainable development of the population, where we take care of the earth, where we take care of one another and where we see a good balance of life between rural and urban environments. From our ability we provide education to people, in order to have a society who must take care of our planet.

At the moment, the NGO CDH is focusing on the building of a learning and living centre called Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes (ECDH) in order to offer training possibilities so we can decrease poverty and increase education and hands on learning.

Team Structure And Partners

Centre Des Hommes is composed of members: -founder -active -sympathisers / beneficiary / passive -of honour.

The structure of the organisation: Our organisation structure consists of a board of directors (advisers), executive director, staff members and volunteers.

Business model: Project based business.

Centre Des Hommes team of management is composed of locals and international representatives:

  • The locals team members coordinate all the activities of Centre Des Hommes on site and assist in relationship between its structure and Togo's administration.
  • The international team members are the representatives of Centre Des Hommes who help and collaborate in the development, evolution, implementation and realisation of CDH's projects. 


Centre Des Hommes NGO is founded in Togo West Africa. Contact us to learn more about our work and possibility of how you can help us.

Kpalimé Togo.

Our Values

A solidarity with everyone and a perfect harmony with all elements of the Earth, for a better development of the population and for the respect of environment. With holistic vision we are cultivating a world of how to live sustainably. Make a resilience to fight against poverty and contribute to the regeneration of the ecosystem for the profit of future generation. Equality and fairness to reach out the satisfaction of everyone. Unity in diversity to celebrate with everyone the success of our various activities realised at national, regional and global level.


Contact Us

Give Help where it needs! You change the lifestyle of local householders. It's because we don't received financial support from any one. 

Donate to Centre Des HommesDonate To Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes Project Land ConstructionDonate to Crowdfunding campaign
Donate to Centre Des HommesDonate To Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes Project Land ConstructionDonate to Crowdfunding campaign
Donate to Centre Des HommesDonate To Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes Project Land ConstructionDonate to Crowdfunding campaign
Donate to Centre Des HommesDonate To Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes Project Land ConstructionDonate to Crowdfunding campaign

What We Do

The actions that we put in place go towards the development of the population as this is the main goal of Centre Des Hommes. We train people, educate, raise awareness, we have volunteering programs, provide tourism services, produce and transform goods that we sell worldwide (snacks, oil for consumption, essential oil, dried leaves tea, herbal tea, natural cosmetics with tropical plants and exotic handmade designs).

Fields of Action (Areas of Work / of intervention)


Sustainable Education-Training-Raise Awareness


Earth-Environment-Sol-Renewable Energy-Climat Change etc.


Local Economy-Agriculture-Production-Social Enterprise-Village Industry

Social, Culture and Arts

Handcraft-Local Language-Local Food-Africain Dance, Drumming, Song-Sport etc.


Raise Awareness-Help etc.


Local Tour-Tourist Site-Hiking-Montains etc.


Centre Des Hommes aims for the following objectives


We are taking concrete actions towards educating, training and raising awareness about the ailments that surround vulnerable households, poor populations and villages in Togo and Africa.

  • Promote sustainable education projects by working for the educational development of young schoolchildren, students, especially girls.
  • Set up social action projects to raise awareness and train the population on the ailments and dangers that surround us.
  • Work for the education of sustainable life for the population.
  • Work for the creation of a training and demonstration Center to increase sustainable education for the local population.


We work to take care of the earth, people and we take action towards a clean environment.

  • Work for projects that lead to a healthy environment.
  • Set up environmental education social action projects for farmers and schoolchildren.
  • Fight against deforestation, soil erosion, bush fires and climate change.
  • Promote renewable energies and environmental protection.
  • Work for the creation of a training and demonstration Center to showcase and put in practice, all this best practice that can lead local men for good behaviour toward the earth.


We work for the development of the local economy to improve the lifestyle of the local vulnerable householders.

  • Promote the economy of villages through the production in agriculture, handmade and social entrepreneurship business.
  • Set up social action projects for the promotion of village industry to encourage the economic insertion of young people and adults.
  • Work for the sustainability of the local economy to support farmers, artists and villages' stakeholders. 

Social, Culture and Arts

We work with artists corporation of Centre Des Hommes. We work for local culture development.

  • Promote Artists and Craftsmen
  • Work for the Socio-Cultural and Artisanal development of young people.
  • Work for the development of the sport, of the African cooking, dance and percussion.
  • Work for the creation of a training and practice Center to showcase African arts work.


We raise awareness about protective measures against some very serious and recurring illness.

  • Promote the planting of medicinal plants or plants with a high level of nutrients elements, their transformation and the production of resulting products for the population.
  • Fight against common and recurring diseases like HIH / AIDS, Cancer, Malaria and COVID-19 by sensitising the population.
  • Assist in the hygiene and cleanliness of our municipalities. 


We offer service of tourism to visit Togo and West-Africa.

  • Promote responsible tourism.
  • Work for the benefit of responsible tourism for the population.

Means of realisations

In order to achieve its objectives, Centre Des Hommes expects:

  • To work for the maximisation of its funding/income resource (Crowdfunding campaigns,  participate in calls for projects, funds or grants opportunity etc.)
  • To Inform, educate and train the population (Create a newsletter).
  • To Organise volunteering programs, short or long-stay humanitarian mission internships with volunteers wishing to bring their skills to the needy population.
  • To Organise music festivals.
  • To Participate or organise seminars, workshops, seminars, conferences, round tables, sporting and cultural events.
  • To Collaborate with NGOs, groups, communities, associations and institutions, both national and international. 
  • To Develop and execute projects in favour of the populations, for young people and especially girls.
  • To Create leisure centres or places and a computer training center in local villages.
  • To Create a training center that includes, a place of demonstration of sustainable development goals, a place for agricultural production a place of traditional art objects fabrication with an exhibition gallery, a cultural center and organise outings for cultural exchanges.
  • To Create and build schools in rural areas for villages that do not have a school.
  • To Do reforestation and fight against environmental pollution.
  • To Do eco-tourism and organise discovery trips both nationally and internationally.

Centre Des Hommes main income/funding sources

Friend donation, family contribution, member monthly fees contribution, the sale  of our products (agricultural product, food supplements and handicraft products),  grants opportunities, call of financial project and crowdfunding.

With  this we add from our economic model the income coming out from tourism, training and volunteer participation fees