About Us

Our History

The history about Centre Des Hommes had started by the strategic visionary man who have the ability to gather people together for good cause. In the years 2000, in his hometown Kpalimé where young people wanted some change about their life condition, where young people want to see things differently by the fact that life condition is always difficult for them, the visionary decided to change himself by going abroad to learn new skill, professional training, new learning, new apprenticeship in order to become hope of happiness for the youth of his community. He was then brought to strengthen the knowledge and gain new skills outside from Togo in different country to return back, to share what he have learned to his own community how the youngest people can grow sustainably. After the skills gain he did not stay where ever he travel to for learning because the change of his local community is important for him so that the youth of his community know also how they can live sustainable life. The Centre Des Hommes was created or founded then by him the leader and have started since 2007 to put lot of action in the ground for the favour of the population affected by a need. Since then Centre Des Hommes devoted to work for the population development. Currently a training center is about to be built to showcase all the sustainable life process and demonstration.

Who We Are

Centre Des Hommes (CDH) is a nongovernmental organisation founded in Togo, West Africa. CDH assembles artist corporation, local farmers, local and international volunteer. We are in general entrepreneurs, change makers, environmentalists, permaculturists and community development leaders willing to work for the achievement of the sustainable development goals...

Our Vision

Our vision is to work for the welfare, well being and the development of the local population in regard to their social, cultural, economical and educational life. Also to see the earth, environment and men in good health.

Our Mission

Our mission is to take care of earth and people by reducing poverty and increasing sustainability in education. Create a better world passing first by a resilience to reach local and global transformation where we will be among the catalyst, healer and facilitator.

Our Values

Our values are in the order of making any project, activity, program, production and action well thought out, in good morality with a holistic vision and in favour of the needy population.


The objectives are target in the following areas: Education (Raising Awareness, training etc.), Ecology (Earth, environment, Sol, Renewable Energy, Climat Change etc.), Economy (Local Economy, Agriculture, Production, Social entrepreneurship, Village Industrie), Health (Raise Awareness on recurrent disease danger, Help or Support), Tourism (Local tour, tourisme responsible etc.), Social, Culture and Arts ( Employment, Craft, Local Language, Food etc.)


The strategies we put in place enable us to reach our objectives and to achieve our goal. These strategies go directly to the means we use for the realisation of our Objectives.

What We Do

The actions that we put in place go towards the development of the population as this is the main goal of Centre Des Hommes. We train people, educate, raise awareness, we have volunteering programs, provide tourism services, produce and transform goods that we sell worldwide (snacks, oil for consumption, essential oil, dried leaves tea, herbal tea, natural cosmetics with tropical plants and exotic handmade designs). We undertake and research to have a good production.