Strategies and methods

In order to achieve its objectives, Centre des Hommes expects to :

  • Maximise its funding and income by crowdfunding campaigns, project bids, grant aid, product sales etc..
  • Involve young people economically, especially expectant young girls.
  • Raise awareness in the population of the concepts of resilience and regeneration.
  • Inform, educate and train the population, including by publishing a newsletter.
  • Organise volunteer programs such as short or long-stay humanitarian missions, internships, volunteering experience, bringing skills and competencies to help the local people’s needs.
  • Organise music festivals that showcase local talent and display locally-made instruments.
  • Organise and take part in seminars, workshops, seminars, conferences, round tables, sporting and cultural events.
  • Collaborate with NGOs, groups, communities, associations and institutions, both national and international, that share similar aims.
  • Develop and execute projects that benefit local people, particularly the  young and girls.
  • Create leisure centres and a computer training center in local villages.
  • Create a training center where sustainable development can be demonstrated, and for agricultural production and the fabrication of traditional art objects.  It can be a cultural center with an exhibition gallery and a base for cultural exchanges.
  • Build schools in rural areas for villages without a school.
  • Reforest and fight against environmental pollution.
  • Organise eco-tourism and discovery trips nationally and internationally.