Strategies/Means of realisations

In order to achieve its objectives, Centre Des Hommes expects:

  • To work for the maximisation of its funding/income resource (Crowdfunding campaigns,  participate in calls for projects, funds or grants opportunity etc.).
  • To work for the economic insertion and integration of young people (especially young girls with early pregnancies).
  •  To work for raising the population awareness of resilience and for embracing the principle of regeneration to make a difference.
  • To Inform, educate and train the population (Create a newsletter).
  • To Organise volunteering programs, short or long-stay humanitarian mission, internships, volunteering experience with volunteers wishing to bring their skills, competencies to help and  to support the needy population.
  • To Organise music festivals.
  • To Participate or organise seminars, workshops, seminars, conferences, round tables, sporting and cultural events.
  • To Collaborate with NGOs, groups, communities, associations and institutions, both national and international that have or share similar center of interest with us.
  • To Develop and execute projects in favour of the populations, for young people and especially girls.
  • To Create leisure centres or places and a computer training center in local villages.
  • To Create a training center that includes, a place of demonstration of sustainable development goals, a place for agricultural production a place of traditional art objects fabrication with an exhibition gallery, a cultural center and organise outings for cultural exchanges.
  • To Create and build schools in rural areas for villages that do not have a school.
  • To Do reforestation and fight against environmental pollution.
  • To Do eco-tourism and organise discovery trips both nationally and internationally.


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