Fields of Action (Areas of Work / of intervention)


Sustainable Education-Training-Raise Awareness


Earth-Environment-Sol-Renewable Energy-Climat Change etc.


Local Economy-Agriculture-Production-Social Enterprise-Village Industry

Social, Culture and Arts

Handcraft-Local Language-Local Food-Africain Dance, Drumming, Song-Sport etc.


Raise Awareness-Help etc.


Local Tour-Tourist Site-Hiking-Montains etc.

Objectives and Strategies

Centre Des Hommes aims the objectives and strategies in the following areas


We are taking concrete actions towards educating, training and raising awareness about the ailments that surround vulnerable households, poor populations and villages in Togo and Africa.

  • Promote sustainable education projects by working for the educational development of young schoolchildren, students, especially girls.
  • Set up social action projects to raise awareness and train the population on the ailments and dangers that surround us.
  • Work for the education of sustainable life for the population.
  • Work for the creation of a training and demonstration Center to increase sustainable education for the local population.


We work to take care of the earth, people and we take action towards a clean environment.

  • Work for projects that lead to a healthy environment.
  • Set up environmental education social action projects for farmers and schoolchildren so that they can bring good apport for the best practice in environmental protection to have a clean environment.
  • Fight against deforestation, soil erosion, bush fires and climate change.
  • Promote renewable energies and environmental protection.
  • Work for the creation of a training and demonstration Center to showcase and put in practice, all this best practice that can lead local men for good behaviour toward the earth.


We work for the development of the local economy to improve the lifestyle of the local vulnerable householders.

  • Promote the economy of villages through the production in agriculture, handmade and social entrepreneurship business.
  • Set up social action projects for the promotion of village industry to encourage the economic insertion of young people and adults.
  • Work for the sustainability of the local economy to support farmers, artists and villages' stakeholders.
  • Create wealth by the creating of employment.

Social, Culture and Arts

We work with artists corporation of Centre Des Hommes. We work for local culture development.

  • Promote Artists and Craftsmen
  • Work for the Socio-Cultural and Artisanal development of young people.
  • Work for the development of the sport, of the African cooking, dance and percussion.
  • Work for the creation of a training and practice Center to showcase African arts work.


We raise awareness about protective measures against some very serious and recurring illness.

  • Promote the planting of medicinal plants or plants with a high level of nutrients elements, their transformation and the production of resulting products for the population.
  • Fight against common and recurring diseases like HIH / AIDS, Cancer, Malaria and COVID-19 by sensitising the population.
  • Assist in the hygiene and cleanliness of our municipalities.


We offer service of tourism to visit Togo and West-Africa.

  • Promote responsible tourism.
  • Work for the benefit of responsible tourism for the population.


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