We are educating, training and raising awareness of the situation of vulnerable households, poor populations and rural villages in Togo by:

  • Promoting sustainable education projects with young schoolchildren and students, especially girls.
  • Setting up social action projects to raise awareness and train the population about the problems and dangers that surround us.
  • Educating local people about sustainability through a training and demonstration center.


We work to take care of the earth and its people, and to move towards a clean environment by:

  • Carrying out projects that lead to a healthy environment.
  • Engaging farmers and schoolchildren in educative social action projects focused on a cleaner environment.
  • Fighting against deforestation, soil erosion, bush fires and climate change.
  • Promoting renewable energies and environmental protection.
  • Educating local people about sustainability through a training and demonstration center.


We work for the development of the local economy to improve the quality of life of vulnerable householders by:

  • Boosting village economies in the spheres of agriculture, handicrafts and entrepreneurship.
  • Setting up social action projects to encourage the involvement and employment of young people and adults.
  • Working for the sustainability of the local economy, to support farmers, artists and other village stakeholders.
  • Creating wealth through employment.

Social, Culture and Arts

We work for cultural development with artist cooperatives of Centre des Hommes by:

  • Promoting artists and craftspeople.
  • Developing young people culturally as artisans.
  • Encouraging African sport, cooking, dance and percussion.
  • Creating a training and practice center to showcase African arts.


We raise awareness about protective measures against serious and recurring illnesses by:

  • Planting medicinal crops and processing them for use.
  • Combatting common and recurring diseases like HIV / AIDS, cancer, malaria and COVID-19 through public awareness.
  • Assisting the hygiene and cleanliness of our municipalities.


We offer tourism services to visit Togo and west Africa, by:

  • Promoting responsible tourism.