Dear customers, after ordering please make payment and within 48 hours, beyond that, the order will be rejected. Thank you for your collaboration in co-creating our products. NB: When you have a problem with your payment, you can contact us directly by WhatsApp +22890260663.

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Our representative in Estonia offers us the possibility of banking to make the payment transaction easy for the global north countries.

Buy our products now; the payment is secured via transfer to Seb bank.


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1- Login in or create an account.

2- Pick or select the products that interest you. And All products go to the basket.

3- Proceed to checkout.

4- fill the checkout page (Apply coupon if they have and you can change the shipping address if you wish we send to another destination).

5- Place the orders when you choose direct bank transfer like a method of payment.

6- Once you place the orders you see the bank account where you can make direct bank transfers. You go separately to your internet bank to make a bank transfer to the account provided.

7- When choose PayPal like method of payment, you have to click on PayPal. But if you don't have PayPal account you can paid with card via PayPal.

8- We definitely will send the product(s) chosen to the address mentioned. Then after, you received the notification of your orders status ‘’ processing ‘’  and ‘’ completed ‘’  according to the email you provided.

Calculation types : Per order; we charge shipping for the most expensive shipping class (Flat rate).

Instruction is completed