AZITƆTƆ Real African Groundnuts roasted


AZITƆTƆ grown and prepared in Togo is a snack out from groundnut roasted for enjoyment. Good to eat as a snack during your festive moment at home, parties, bars, nightclubs to accompany strong drinks in order to soften the affect of alcohol. It is a healthy product with quality taste and made by hand.


AZITƆTƆ Real African Groundnuts Roasted initially grown by the farmers who corporate with Centre Des Hommes, prepared and produced by women communities of Centre Des Hommes as well to give another taste for people in the world. By buying one of this AZITƆTƆ Real African Groundnuts Roasted you are contribute in the lifestyle improvement of those people who are involved in the production of this product that you are going to enjoy. Like the farmers and women in the local community receive the help in order to reinforce their capacities of knowledge in Education and of Economic insertion. You Support the realisation of the project Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes for sustainable education, for cultural immersion and for human activities.

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Weight 380 g

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