Volunteer Useful Information

Informations about Togo/ Organisation and practical information

Here is some practical information of Centre Des Hommes (CDH) to help you prepare for your volunteering.

Please inform us of your flight dates and times as soon as possible so that the Centre Des Hommes team can pick you up at the Lomé airport. Please have the address and the invitation letter of Centre Des Hommes with you during the flight. You will be asked for it during the arrival questionnaire on Togolese soil.

Here on this page there is a short explanation of the roadmap and information that will allow you to prepare your stay and learn more about our operation. Read and go to learn more to get in touch with all the necessary useful information that you need before you take off to visit us.

After your stay, do not hesitate to give us as many practical details as possible in your report in order to improve our practical information for future volunteers!

Country information

Togo is a small country that stretches out in length: 600 km long and 50 to 100 km wide. It is bordered to the south by the Gulf of Guinea, a low-lying sandy coastal area (the Atlantic Ocean), and to the north by the wooded savannah typical of West Africa. The population is more than 8,608,444 inhabitants (in 2020 according to Wikipedia) and is composed of about thirty ethnic groups (the Ewe and Guin in the south, the Kabyè in the center and north...). 60% of the population is under 20 years old, but the infant mortality rate is very high. Time difference: When it is 12:00 in Paris, it is 11:00 in Lomé in winter and 10:00 in summer.

Travel, Health Information

You can get in touch with the information concerning your trip, the health requirement, pass formality (visa, insurance and bank). Several companies currently serve Togo at the same time several African transporters (carriers) also provide regular flights between Lomé and various capitals.Depending on the company, it used to be between 400 and 500 € round trip, nowadays with the health crisis the rates are very variable. Advice: make sure you buy a ticket with a cancellation and modification option. Members of the Centre Des Hommes team will pick you up at LOME airport. Don't forget to provide us with your dates, times and flight number.

Estimated volunteer budget

The estimated budget concerns the cost, the expenses to be made and other positive possibilities that the volunteer will benefit during his mission/project with us. It basically talks about the total internal costs during your mission/project, learning experience, work camp. It has to do with the idea of knowing roughly or approximately how much you need to have to cover participation fees, travel expenses and other formalities.

Help and tips for financing your Mission

This is about some tips and advice for anyone who wants to come and volunteer with us. It talks in general about how you can finance yourself by setting up strategies to raise money. It also talks about various opportunities to finance volunteer missions no matter where you come from.