What We Do

What We Do

CDH does the creation of training project, (designs training) and community transformation projects. Also CDH is a promotor and doing itself production of agricultural and handcraft products (Activity of employment) via social entrepreneurship.

CDH organises also Volunteering program (Project and activity). CDH does social action (Activity) of raising awareness of the population on various themes in fields of work such as Education, Agriculture, Ecology, Social life etc.

Education: Training and sensitisation

We are taking concrete actions towards educating, training and raising awareness about the ailments that surround vulnerable households, poor populations and villages in Togo and Africa.

Sustainable projects design

We design sustainable projects for the development and benefit of locals, communities, regions and countries. Through the implementation of these sustainable projects, we are able to provide goods and services for the population around the world.

Volunteering program

We organise Volunteering Programs and Work Camps that bring together local volunteers and people from outside Togo. Together, they work for the benefit of a rural village suffering from social problems.


We produce agricultural goods (we plant seeds, we grow food and we transform it) to reach food sovereignty, provide good health and nutrition and fight against hunger. At the same time we create exotic handicraft designs to promote african aesthetics and the Togolese/African culture.

CDH one group of farmers corporation that make the land of ECDH clean.


1- CDH by its team members and/or by volunteering program raise awareness or do training throughout following social action and work camps activities:

  • - Social activity of training local farmers to raise awareness about how, to use rationally pesticides and to do compost instead, for their own crop to increase productivity and to harvest organic food: Learn more about  CDH activities for farmers
  • - Social activity of teaching environmental education for schoolchildren to raise awareness about how to  plant useful tree and how to do waste management: Learn more about CDH environmental education for schoolchildren
  • - Social or work camps activity of raising awareness of recurrent diseases such as malaria, HIV / AIDS, cancer, and other recurring disease for local vulnerable households. This activity most of the time is passed by the Volunteering program: Raise awareness on recurring themes in social and health fields
  • - Work camps activity of school tutoring, literacy and leisure activities for schoolchildren (this is done specially throughout volunteering program project). This activity most of the time is passed by the Volunteering program: Project about school support, tutoring, literacy and leisure activity of schoolchildren
  • - Work camps activity of school (often basic educational institutions) renovation, of classrooms in rural villages (this is done specially throughout volunteering program project). This activity most of the time is passed by the Volunteering program: Renovation of rural school classroom and building
  • - Social or work camps activity of reforestation and vegetable garden of village school yards (this is done specially throughout volunteering program project).
  • - Work camps activity of special cultural and artistic solidarity work camps organised in the intention to promote the arts and cultures of Togo through different workshops for a short duration of three weeks. This project work camp is oriented towards participants who are volunteer coming outside from Togo for cultural and artistic solidarity work camps. (this is done specially throughout volunteering program project).

2- CDH by its team members, farmers and artists corporations intends to produce natural and selected foods, snacks, teas, oil, essential oil and exotic handcraft (visual arts) products to the whole world. Click onShop to visit our products.

3- CDH is willing through one of its project to build an ecological village named Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes (ECDH) is CDH Current projects for sustainable development goals demonstration centre. ECDH will remain an autonomous centre for the training of sustainable development of the population in the fields of education in ecology (tropical agriculture, environment, soils, climate change, renewable energy etc.), education in social entrepreneurship and promotion of village industry ( how to do business to fight against poverty, how to produce fish, honey, how to transform agricultural products, how to make natural cosmetics including tropical plants in high dose of nutrient elements for skin and hair etc.). The ECDH project is  building a learning and living centre for human development to increase sustainable development and to reduce poverty of the population. The principles of permaculture, eco-village, sustainable development, regenerative agriculture, local economy are the principles that will lead ECDH in these activities. 

4- CDH intends to do a community transformation program for the benefice of local population and village. Through the oasis game and the volunteering program, CDH with its Coming projects intends to transform village empty spaces or public village place into play grounds, public gardens for the benefit of the local populations.

5- CDH provide one day service of education to teach people how to cook African exotic foods, how to make and play African djembe drum, how to make natural cosmetics including tropical plants in high dose of nutrient elements for skin and hair. Also CDH provide tourism service and one day service in Togo about hacking, visit of the waterfalls etc.