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You are welcome to be part of Centre des Hommes’ work by:

1 - Donations to CDH work improving the lifestyle of local vulnerable householders and developing the wider population. You can visit us for free for a day, week or month, depending on the level of your donation.

2 - Send us tools and materials even if they are second-hand.

3 - Volunteering to bring your skills to help and support poor communities to grow sustainably, and reciprocally you gain a lasting, positive life experience.

4 - Partnership as individuals and organisations to expand awareness of CDH’s activities and widen its network of contacts.  Your association with CDH can be mutually beneficial to you.

5 - Purchase CDH products, goods and articles to help our farmers, artisans and staff with their work.

I Donate

Choose your Donation and start making a difference for all the people Centre des Hommes supports.  We do not receive official financial support.

Campaign for water management

Please make a donation to the ECDH Water Management project.

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Support Centre des Hommes

Please make a donation for CDH’s overall work.

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Support ECDH land project

Please make a donation to the CDH Ecovillage project.

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Whether You live in the Country of Global North or Global South

Please make a wire or bank transfer.

Take below the bank information


Whether you live in the global North or South, please Make a Wire or Bank Transfer, using this Bank name and IBAN code:  


             IBAN: TG80370240603102103300100136

             Account Mailing Address: BP: 8 Kpalimé, Togo.

Income information

Centre des Hommes main income is from friends’ donations, family contributions, member monthly contributions, the sale of our products, grants and crowdfunding initiatives. More broadly, we receive income from tourism, training and volunteer participation fees.

Send us tools and materials

Help us by sending tools and equipment, including safe and useable second-hand items.

Ecovillage Centre des Hommes building

There is a need for good equipment and tools for the construction of an ecolodge to be used for training in agriculture craft and village industry and to house a teacher.

There is a list of tools, equipment and other materials you can send under Contact, to the CDH address by clicking on the button below.  Please head the form ‘send equipment’.

Our Volunteer Program

Volunteering is one of the means we use to carry out our projects. Centre des Hommes achieves its objectives with programs involving Togolese volunteers and volunteers from around the world, working together and to meet the challenges faced by our communities.

Become Volunteer

You can visit Togo through CDHs Volunteering Program. It wont be just a visit or a sightseeing trip but a true journey, rich in experiences, where you learn and live with local people in rural communities, so you can discover their cultures, food, dance, songs and more in a friendly welcoming environment. You will bring your skills, knowledge and energy to participate in local activities and projects.  A giving and receiving experience from which you will return with new knowledge and resources!  Join us!