Volunteer Projects

The projects that CDH offers.

We offer these volunteering programs to people who want to volunteer with us for '' life change experience '' .  We also have internships for those who want to reinforce their CVs and experience.  Take a look for opportunities and now check on coming volunteering program the opportunities that occur in this time.

Village school garden

Domain: Protection of the environment

Work camps of artistic and cultural activities workshop

Domain: Togo's arts and culture

School support: Tutoring, literacy and schoolchildren leisure

Domain: Education

Renovation: Reconstruction of rural school classrooms

Domain: Education

Raise awareness: Sensitisation on recurring themes about health HIV / AIDS, Malaria, Cancer and Covid-19

Domain: Health and Social

Land project to create a playground for children's


Domain: Village and Community Transformation

Ecovillage Centre des Hommes: ECDH project land activities


Domain: Permaculture, ecovillage principle and sustainable development goals