Project for the realisation of the Ecovillage Centre des Hommes

CDH Volunteering Program About Volunteers In Ecovillage Centre des Hommes.

CDH Volunteering Program to involve volunteers in the realisation of the Ecovillage Centre des Hommes.

Project name: TYPE ECDH

TYPE ECDH is to contribute to the realisation of the Ecovillage Centre des Hommes by working in construction, building, agriculture, permaculture and other ways.

Field: Education, Environmental protection, Permaculture, Social entrepreneurship.


One features activities will be mushroom production

Context and work involved

The Ecological Centre des Hommes (ECDH) is an ongoing collective community project to build an educational centre:

  • promote human development and cultural immersion
  • increase environmental sustainability
  • decrease poverty
  • work for food sovereignty
  •  promote culture, arts and handcraft
  • to help make the population more resilient
  • support the population in sustainable living.

To realise this, several steps need to be undertaken.  Most have already been made, such as the project design, the land acquisition and the designing of zones required for permaculture. Currently we are crowdfunding the water management aspects of the project land.  The following step will be the Ecolodge construction, and finally the moment when training can commence. The ECDH intends to offer opportunities in training, volunteering, food production, the transformative process, creativity and the demonstration of sustainable development.  ECDH project fields are ecology (environmental, permaculture, agriculture, soil, climate change, renewable energy etc.), culture (Togo-African Arts, handicraft, dance, cookery etc.) and social enterprise and business (youth income, the local market and economy etc.).

This project comes at crucial time to involve all those who would like to help. They can bring skills and technical and financial support, have a life-changing experience, work in permaculture design, learn organic vegetable production. They can work in groups or as individuals to have an enriching experience constructing the Ecovillage Centre des Hommes.

Mission of the Volunteer

General objective of the mission:

Work to create an ecological village by building a living and learning centre.

Farmers coorporation

Specific objectives of the mission

- Work on the project site, involving hard labour to clean the different zones, cut bamboo and other vegetation, prepare the compost area etc..

- Training in permaculture, regenerative and organic vegetable production, culture etc..

- Involvement of the local community where the ECDH is located.

- Division of the work equally among teams of three people, two local and one expatriate.

Missions / Activities

The tasks attached to the project will require a suitable workforce:

  • Land and river clearing.
  • Land design for different zones.
  • Water management and design continuity work.
  • Organic garden creation.
  • Agricultural practice and making a seedling nursery.
  • Building shelters with ecological materials.
  • Diverse skills in the arts and culture that we organise for you, local Ewe language learning; we offer the opportunity to visit nature on outings, such as a mountain and waterfall; and we offer possible sessions to learn the theory and practice of permaculture etc.)


To achieve this project we seek:

  • Volunteers and expatriates in groups or individuals, who wish to have a new experience in life.
  • Several groups of twelve volunteers. Group of scouts are recommended.
  • Participation costs to enable the program, including accommodation and food.
  • Purchase of the materials required for the project.
  • Professionals in construction and training.
  • Donations from volunteers to carry out activities.
  • Funding research to support the ECDH volunteer activities.

Expected results

We want the volunteers in the Ecovillage Centre des Hommes project to receive satisfaction from their contribution.  The volunteer who brings their skills and support will also receive further knowledge and capabilities from their life-changing experience. A certificate recognising their participation will be given to all the volunteers who participate.


  • Knowledge of the local educational environment.
  • Leisure activities such as walks, outings, parties, African cuisine, entertainment, and an insight into African life.
  • Direct contact with the population.
  • Sharing of values ​​from the work camp through cultural exchange.
  • A special excursion led by Centre des Hommes for volunteers.
  • Discover a new culture and traditions, especially those of the EWES peoples.
  • Discover the cultures, languages, cuisines, folklore and traditions of local and international volunteers.
  • Involvement with, and understanding of the African communal approach to life through cultural activities such as drawing, theatre, reading, etc..
  • Experience of active participation in an education project and learning about intercultural relations.
  • A certificate for participation in a CDH volunteering program in Togo.
  • The certificate can be be used for a CV and as evidence in a job search for students.
  • Life-changing experience and the gaining of new life skills.
  • Knowledge of active participation in the program for the realisation of the Ecovillage Centre des Hommes project of CDH and the learning of intercultural relations.


• Center des Hommes is not a marriage agency
• Quarrels, thefts, are strictly prohibited (those who do are: either sent back or punished or excluded or repatriated)
• Volunteers' outings or go outside and returns must be reported to the person in charge of the work camps or the right supervisor who is running the work camps or the main leader for the work camps of that renovation volunteering program.
• Indiscipline and lack of respect are not tolerated, but doing with the values of others is tolerated.


PLACES: Kpalimé and its surrounding villages.

Kpalimé is a city located in the southwest of Togo and is the prefecture of kloto. Kpalimé is a city where agriculture is the main activity of these populations and from there comes more than 50% of the agricultural wealth of the country. Kpalimé is also a city where most of Togo's mountains are in its surroundings with panoramic views, rivers, forests and tourist activities such as going for walks in the mountains, going to uncovered and undiscovered waterfalls etc. Kpalimé is the city of artists where most of the young people find their income in the feasibility of arts of all kinds. Around there are sympathetic villages where the need is felt and calls on us to intervene for the good cause and to provide a solution to these needs. It is from these villages that you will carry out the activities of volunteering program concerning renovation of rural school classroom and building.


Short-term stay volunteering for the realisation of the Ecovillage Centre des Hommes activities.  Duration of 21 days is possible with an emphasis on the realisation of the Ecovillage Centre des Hommes Project.

Variable duration of volunteering for the Ecovillage Centre des Hommes activities.  We offer two possibilities durations, based on volunteer needs.  A long term stay can last from three months to one year, which can be discussed between the volunteer and CDH.

Centre des Hommes one of its Ecovillage volunteering program

participation fees

Each expatriate volunteer must pay a participation fee of €900 euro to the NGO Centre des Hommes. This pays for accommodation, food, travel from Lomé to the work camp place, management of the project during the entire stay, and above all, for the project.  It also helps volunteers who cannot afford the participation fee to participate in the program.  Special outings are provided by the CDH from the participation fee.  For the best functioning of the project, we try to recruit volunteer groups of 20 people at a time.

Learn more about Participation Fees.


Any volunteers who will come to our project or program must receive an invitation letter, signed by the Executive Director of CDH. This invitation letter contains the reason for travel, the duration and so on. In addition to the invitation letter some other documents may be sent to the volunteer, or may be required from the volunteer, as proof of the right to enter the country. We invite you to contact us and make sure that you hold the necessary documentation before you leave from your country to Togo.

Learn more about Volunteer Useful Information.