Our Mission


Is to help for change, to make resilience and to create a better world by seeing the balance between the rural and urban world and by being one of the enablers.

CDH Artistic program for school children 2016

Our mission towards farmers, vulnerable stakeholders, rural women, artists,designers and schoolchildren is to help them feel safe by providing support in various educational fields and social entrepreneurship.

Centre Des Hommes works with farmers and artists cooperatives to produce agricultural and handicraft designs that will bring them a source income and improve their lifestyle. Through the activities we offer them and the income they generate, they can take care of their family. Farmers grow food and artists create works of arts from wood, fabric, leather, ceramic etc.

Center des Hommes NGOs mission is to:
- facilitate meetings between peoples
- to realise and produce work camps for the needs of the most affected populations trough volunteering
- to facilitate its knowledge through relations, collaboration with other organisations and to enlarge our partnership network
- to work for the development of Networks.
- To work for the assumption of responsibility for the big projects of construction of schools, public toilets, libraries, computer rooms, Eco-villages.
- To work for the change of life of the poor populations through the good practices of regeneration.