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CDH Environmental Education For Schoolchildren

CDH has taken consciousness of the wastes pollution situation, especially plastics wastes in Togo and African region. The problem of pollution of waste, especially plastics, has had great roots since the dawn of time when populations were not aware of the severity of the gravity and of the seriousness of the harm or danger they are taking by trowing voluntarily plastics wastes on the floor, on the ground where they are. Nowadays plastics wastes can be seeing everywhere causing thousands of dangers and problems. To reduce the risk of these problems CDH because of its goal principle have to take action against the situation. That is why CDH needs to solve a part of the problem so that we live better and breath well. Since then, CDH knew the source of the problem which are the unwillingness to avoid throwing plastics on the ground, the lack of awakening of consciousness and the unwillingness to take concrete actions against the dispersion of plastic in the environment, we started a program (environmental education) of reeducate grownup people and educate children on environmental issue specially over the waste and plantation of trees. CDH throughout its project ECDH has initiated a program solution to awaken the consciousness of children especially basic schoolchildren who are the next generation of tomorrow about the subject of environmental education. We initiated a program solution to awaken the consciousness of children who are the next generation about the subject of environmental education so that children become aware of the danger they run by throwing plastic waste on the ground and polluting nature.

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Centre Des Hommes in its awareness program for children on environmental education about waste polluting the environment CDH also raises awareness on the planting of useful trees in their schoolyards or in the village public place, so that they can use them if necessary. The principle of raising awareness by training schoolchildren on Environmental Education is to put into their head since their early age (infancy) that throwing plastic on the ground is harmful for not only themselves but for the ecosystem in general and this can lead to the danger of death of the species and bring them to the awaken of the consciousness of how they must manage organic and inorganic wastes which can serve other useful ends for man and the environment. In its program of Environmental Education CDH active teams members teach about the use of planting useful trees that they will need in case they are sick or in case they are hungry.

Watch some pictures below that show the illustration of these moments of Environmental Education.

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CDH Environmental Education Realisations To Several Schoolchildren in basic school

  • Environmental Education of collecting plastic waste. The idea behind after the course of environmental education is to raise awareness towards schoolchildren not to throw plastic waste on the ground and we invite them or villages people to know how to sort waste and to collect plastic bottles and bags and after that we made one experience of how to recycle plastic waste to build shelter for example, also we teach them about how to use the plastic waste into another finished goods arts throughout a workshop.

  • Environmental education on planting useful trees. The idea behing is to teach schoolchildren from early age how to plant tree after raising their awareness on the benefit of trees planting. The idea also is not just to plant tree but to plant tree that can be more useful for them and can grow fast for harvesting so that they can use them in case their are sick or hungry. However we plant with them medicinal plants and plants that give fruit to eat.


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