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Senam Koffi Tsogbe

CDH FOUNDER SHORT BIO: I am environmentalist, change maker, social entrepreneur, promoting the development of village industry, promoting education for the population and committed to work for the achievement of the sustainable development goals.

I am environmentalist, change maker, community development leader and social entrepreneur with the all-round holistic approach. I founded Centre Des Hommes (CDH), which aims to work for the development of the population and have been recognised in Togo as a nongovernmental organisation after many social actions that have been implemented for the benefit of local, rural communities and villages. I have a strong background, skill in sustainable development goal. I received a lot of professional training such as EDE Ecovillage Design Education, PDC Permaculture Design courses, Community transformation leadership, social enterprise business etc. I have been leading different training for life improvement, for promoting the village industry (produce visual arts, transform agricultural food etc.), for compost making, for increasing productivity, for environmental education etc. I have started to build an ecological village on behalf CDH, (Current projects) which is currently ongoing as project Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes (ECDH). The idea is to create a learning and living centre for human development where we are going through educating about how to live sustainably.

Give help where it's needed most

Promoting a world with love and without war. A world where hunger will not exist with the possibility of producing organic food for vulnerable householders. Create wealth by opening work opportunity, facilitate access to medical care for most of poor people, make easy for them access to education for making them smile and feel happy. Other creative ideas on how to provide the food for those in need. Raise awareness for the people who are not aware of waste pollution and training them about waste (Organic and inorganic waste) management. All this will contribute to the better development of the population and their environment.