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You are welcome to be part of Centre Des Hommes work. To engage in Centre Des Hommes extension, expansion, scaled up You just need to put one of these actions below down:

I- Donation: Make a donation to Centre Des Hommes work to improve the lifestyle of local vulnerable householders and to support Centre Des Hommes so that he can manage well the development of the population. You have right to visit us for free of stay the first day, week or mouth depend on your donation values.

II- Volunteering: Become a volunteer in Centre Des Hommes and bring your competency to help and support poor community to grow sustainably and reciprocally you gain new life experience to lead your life positively forever.

III- Partnership: Partner with Centre Des Hommes to make its activities and networks wider so that it will be well known in the world. Help us to make a difference as individual or organisation and gain all the advantage, possibility CDH offers. Represent us in your country to have profit of our activities and works.

IV- Purchase: Buy or Shop Centre Des Hommes products, goods and articles to help more Farmers, Artistes and Employee to be more creative and to live sustainably.  

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Please Make A Donation To The Water Management Realisation of the ECDH Project.

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To Support The Water Management

CDH agricultural products

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Please Make A Donation For The Management Of Centre Des Hommes Work.

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Support ECDH land project

Please Make A Donation To Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes Achievement.

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To Support The Achievement of Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes

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Whether You live in Country Of Global North or Global South

Please Make A Wire Or Bank Transfer.

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Via Wire Or Bank Transfer To Support Centre Des Hommes

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Whether You Are In Country Of Global South Or Global North Used This Banque Name And IBAN informations Below: 


IBAN: TG80370240603102103300100136

BP: 8

Centre Des Hommes Volunteering Program Project

Volunteering program is one of the means we use to carry out our projects to achieve our objectives and goals. Centre Des Hommes to achieve these objectives organises solidarity volunteering programs by involving the participation of volunteers from Togo and volunteers coming outside from Togo (Global north or around the world) to come together, to work together and to meet up the challenges (a problem) facing by a local community or a village. Indeed Centre Des Hommes issues a solution from the problem assessed, designed and launch a volunteer mission/project by inviting volunteers around the world. Those who are interested come together to work, to help and to provide necessary skills to solve the problem and to bring a solution to the local community or village which is in needs. This social activity most of the time is for the benefit of schoolchildren and a vulnerable householders of the local community or a village.

Become Volunteer

You can visit Togo through CDH’s Volunteering Program. It won’t be just a visit or a sightseeing trip but a true journey, rich in experiences, full of good sense, where you learn and live with local people in rural communities, so you can discover their cultures, food, dance, songs and more in a friendly welcoming environment. You will bring on your skills, knowledge, support, energy to participate in local activities and projects that will benefit the indigenous people. It is an experience of giving and receiving and you will return home full of new resources and knowledge!

Join CDH for a great volunteering experience!


CDH launches a project to help, support, provide skills for a village in need or suffering from ailments that reveal a specific theme (after having made an assessment of the problem or ailments suffered by the village in question) and invites people of good willingness, people who would like to help others (who are in suffering), to come and work together by bringing ideas, competencies, financial and technical means to realise and to accomplish the project (launched) for the benefit of this village in question.

This is how CDH had organised a volunteering program which received volunteers of good character, morality, in good physical condition from around the world who joined the local volunteer on the spot, and contributed together to the development of local populations in order to make local people happy. This is how volunteers have brought their knowledge, expertise to local people and they have returned to their country of origin with a lot of smiles and wealth (because they must also have learned with the locals they have visited).


1- School Support, Literacy and Children's Leisure (Fields Education)

2- Renovation or construction of school classrooms for villages suffering from school infrastructure (Fields Education)

3- Reforestation, vegetable garden for one village school yards and planting of useful trees in different schools (Fields Environment)

4- Ecovillage Centre Des Hommes project land building (Construction of an ecological village in fields of Sustainable development)

5-  Raising awareness of recurrent diseases such as Malaria, HIV / AIDS, Cancer and Covid-19 for local vulnerable households in one village.

6- Special cultural and artistic solidarity work camps organised in the intention to promote the arts and cultures of Togo through different workshops for a short duration of three weeks. This project work camp is oriented towards participants who are volunteer coming outside from Togo for cultural and artistic solidarity work camps. (This is done specially throughout volunteering program project in the filed of Arts and Culture).

7- Community transformation by implementing and installing play-ground for children in on village public space.