The Living Doll, Marionettes Puppet

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The living doll marionettes. We promote them to sell them  for improving the lifestyle of the artists who produced them. Use it by playing a scenario to make fun in your home with your children, friends and so on. This is for you in case you are interested to entertain your children, friends, family etc.

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Hello good friends community, this puppet is a living doll, marionettes that has taken a long way from Africa to reach you here in your home. It made by one of the artist who cooperate with Centre des Hommes in Togo. It functions is to be used for entertaining children, friends and family at home, in theatre and so one. Shop one to improve local artists who are doing good and great things to make your day happy.
Materials used: Bamboo, string, Cori, African fabric and calabashes all natural.
The product itself need a lot of care.

Size of the doll itself between 45 and 50 cm.
Size with the string 1m.

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Dimensions 45-50 × 100 cm


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