EcoMoringa cream 100% natural 7€/40ml


Ecomringa cream 100% natural is a healthy hydrate cream that help when use it to hydrate any type of skin body. when Mosquito bites are itching also the cream is the solution for this– from us you can purchase an organic handmade cream which in addition to its general benefits, helps to reduce itching and sooth inflamed skin itching caused by mosquito bites. ECOMORINGA is also good to use in every where in your skin and it is cream made of moringa oil, citronella oil and shea butter. It is soft natural and useful for any type of skin.


Cosmetic made out of natural ingredients and from tropical plants with high nutritional elements. In Centre des Hommes community we made cosmetic out from tropical plants that we name Eco-cosmetic like moringa cream (Hydrated Ecomoringa cream), moringa soap (Ecomoringa soap), moringa shampoo (Ecomoringa shampoo), moringa ointment (Ecomoringa ointment) etc. our cosmetic are quality and handmade product!

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